Skin Whitening

VITAMIN C 500MG Oral Supplement (VCDICS4000)

1. Product name: Vitamin C Oral Supplement

2. Specification: 500mg/5ml

3. Package: 8 ampoules/tray/box

4. Shelf life: 36 months

5. Storage: store below 25℃.

VITAMIN C 500MG Oral Supplement (VCDICS4000)


• Anti-Aging
• Whitening, Healthier Skin
It has very good effects when combined with reduced glutathione when used for Anti-aging & Whitening, Healthier Skin. Aside from above, Vitamin C has other key benefits on the skin, such as:

• essential for collagen synthesis
• fights redness and inflammation, effective in treating acne and rosacea
• essential in wound healing

Also, it can be used in the following health conditions:
• prevent and treat scurvy or other conditions requiring extra vitamin C

• vitamin C deficiency is severe or taking tablet is difficult

• improve immunity